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Pursuing winds of change


Offshore Wind

A sustainable now


Offshore wind is an important chess piece in the evolving energy transition and synergy between traditional oil and gas, and newer renewable energy sources. This synergy is important in the ongoing task of providing energy to the world, whilst ensuring that we take the necessary steps now, for a more sustainable future.

Glamox’s goal is to partner with you, providing the best lighting solutions, from first consultation, to long after installation. Our team are at the ready to help you plan, design and execute your lighting solutions -with a focus on sustainability, human centric lighting, and integrated light management systems.

At Glamox we have generations of experience within offshore and marine environments, where our team are well versed in all matters of illumination and the applicable global regulations for your installations. Whether it be the turbine transition piece, the entire lighting solution for a vessel, or a substation, you will find all of your technical lighting solutions, for all applications within offshore wind with Glamox.

We create light for a better life.


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Generations of experience

With origins from extreme Nordic coastal towns, the Glamox team are a global collection of experienced and invested individuals. Wanting the best for their customers, they understand their challenges, benefits and concerns, and know the best solutions for good light in marine environments.

They have a vested interest in current and relevant marine and offshore topics, trends and technology, where research and development are at the core of this.

This experience spans more than 75 years of tried, tested and proven application in harsh and demanding environments, for sea faring vessels within Fishing, Naval, Cruise, Ferry, Tankers, Freight and Aquaculture and so much more - where Glamox’s offshore Oil and Gas experience spans of more than 15 years. 

Glamox has been the leading, trusted and preferred supplier of lighting to the marine and offshore industries,  where we have the generations of experience, that you need. 

A smarter, greener choice

Our ambition is to be a sustainability leader in our industry


Lighting contributes to 15 –20 % of the world’s electricity consumption, and accounts for 5 % of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. At Glamox we see it as our responsibility to create lighting solutions that improve the performance and wellbeing of people.

We support the sustainability ambitions of our clients by delivering energy efficient solutions -a key focus throughout the Glamox history. By upgrading existing light installation to efficient and smart luminaires and systems you can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%.


Net zero by 2030

Glamox has an ambitious goal to achieve net zero by 2030. Here are some of the goals going forward which will help us along our way:

Increasing circularity within the design and manufacturing
-  Use of 100% renewable energy in all manufacturing plants
Screening suppliers to evaluate environmental, social and
    governance policies
-  Eliminating non recyclable products from packaging
-  Zero waste to landfill
-  The most energy efficient lighting solutions
-  Long product lifetime through high quality
-  Environmentally conscious material choices
-  Repairable and recyclability
-  Modularity

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Investment analysis calculator

Our investment analysis calculator calculates the repayment time when investing in an LED installation versus an installation with conventional light sources.

The repayment time is calculated by dividing the difference in the operational costs by the difference in investments. This can be understood as the number of years you need to “earn back” your initial investment. The calculator also provides energy savings figures (in percentage) by choosing the LED alternative.


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Change is coming

Due to the RoHS Directive, the sale of fluorescent T8 and T5 tubes will be prohibited in Europe from September, 2023. As a consequence, most manufacturers of fluorescent tubes will reduce the production and availability of fluorescent tubes also outside of Europe which means it will be harder to get hold of spare tubes. Most LED-tubes on the market are not marine approved and are strictly prohibited in EX-luminaries. Installing LED-tubes is often time consuming since it usually requires installation of new lamp holders and the need of bypassing the original ballast. The Glamox MIR LED-Kits require no tools and can be installed in under 2 minutes. Gamox LED-Kits comes with 5 years warranty and is the fastest, safest and the most cost-effective way to upgrade your fluorescent luminaries.

Read more on how Glamox can help you comply with the new regulations.

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Offshore wind applications

An offshore wind energy farm requires a variety of marine lighting fixtures, from fixed and floating turbines, substations and topsides to vessels. To minimise downtime, it is important to consider factors such as maintenance of the lighting, energy costs and quality of light. At Glamox, we offer a wide range of lighting products based on decades of experience serving the maritime and offshore environments.  

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Fixed and floating turbines

Offshore wind turbines -both fixed and floating, are subject to harsher environments such as sea water and corrosion,...

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Substations and topsides

This is where all the energy produced by the wind turbines is brought together and converted by transformers to a hig...

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Offshore wind vessels provide the transportation of service technicians and crews, foundations, building materials,...

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Close to our customers

Customisation and design are an important part of what we do at Glamox. This is because we strive to partner with our customers, to supply relevant, extensive, and lasting lighting solutions.

Using our existing range of products, management systems and insights, our team are ready to create solutions which suit the individual needs of your projects. 

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Next level connectivity

The importance of sustainable lighting installations is widely acknowledged, and a light management system (LMS) will allow you to optimise the use of artificial light where and when it is needed. Smart sensors and monitoring features allow you to increase energy savings, extending the lighting installation’s lifetime. They also reduce maintenance costs as well as the carbon footprint. Focusing on people’s needs, lighting solutions can be tailored to accommodate different tasks and purposes, improve the wellbeing of occupants and compensate for lacking natural light. By using LMS you can also set and adjust the time cycle for light intensity and colour temperature throughout the day.

Read more about our light management systems

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Offshore Wind brochure

Download the brochure to access the interactive success stories and see our full references list.


Success stories

Read some of our success stories about delivered lighting solutions to the Offshore wind segment.

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