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Light management systems for the future

Photo: Øyvind Hagen | Statoil

The importance of sustainable lighting installations is widely acknowledged, and a light management system (LMS) will allow you to optimise the use of artificial light where and when it is needed. Smart sensors and monitoring features allow you to increase energy savings, extending the lighting installation’s lifetime. They also reduce maintenance costs as well as the carbon footprint. Focusing on people’s needs, lighting solutions can be tailored to accommodate different tasks and purposes, improve the wellbeing of occupants and compensate for lacking natural light.


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Maximise energy savings and minimise maintenance costs

We are committed to helping our clients to conserve more energy and save on the associated costs, and energy-efficient luminaires are only one part of the picture. Making the luminaires connected and addressable in a Glamox Light Management system unlock a higher level of benefits. With the ability to utilize sensors and/or make the light adapt to user patterns, substantial cost savings can be done. By detecting the presence and the level of daylight in an area, the illuminance level is reduced accordingly– and so is your energy bill. Planning your project with a light management system from Glamox can easily double the energy reduction compared to a traditional LED installation. By upgrading existing light installation to efficient luminaires and LMS you can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. Lower energy consumption is not only economical, it also translates to less waste and less pollution.

The benefits of a light management system

A light management system from Glamox is a great choice whether you are the end user, the vessel / windinstallation / rig owner, the operator, doing the project engineering or installation.

  • Lower life-cycle costs

    Reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs and extending the lifetime of the installation.

  • A more productive working environment

    Improve people's lives with lighting solutions that provides adequate visibility without causing discomfort. Further, Human Centric Lighting can improve sleep, performance and the well-being of people.

  • Easy monitoring

    Many monitoring features provide insight into the installation you manage, visualizing data and leverages maintenance, energy and space usage data to a separate interface or third-party tool.

  • Sustainable lighting design

    Economic sustainability considering lifetime, energy-efficiency and avoid over-lighting (light pollution) that benefit sorrounding vessels, installations, ecosystem and human health.

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Our system are based on wired or wireless technology and are easy to plan, install, commission and use.

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Glamox Connect

Manage your light installation with access to valuable data visualised in a user-friendly dashboard solution. With actionable insights you can achieve significant savings.

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Ethernet2Dali (E2D)

Create advanced LMS designs, and custom user interfaces. E2D is a cabled LMS solution based on our own DALI-2 application controller named Vertex.

Human Centric Lighting

Light influence mood and our circadian rhythms. By using LMS you can set and adjust the time cycle for light intensity and colour temperature throughout the day.

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Projects delivered

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Do you have any questions?

We are happy to answer any inquiries you might have about our light management systems, big or small. Submit your e-mail address and we will contact you for an informal light management talk.

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