Quality policy

Our business units are strongly encouraged to strive towards the continuous improvement of their processes and products in order to successfully meet the requirements of customers and the society in general.

Continuous improvement and extensive knowledge are the key to developing, producing and selling lighting solutions with the right quality, long lifetimes and low energy consumption. 
By committing ourselves to follow national, international and self-imposed requirements, we are capable of ensuring the delivery of products that are in accordance with customer requirements and specifications within our market segment. This involves establishing objectives to deliver the right product at the agreed time, price and location.  

Feedback from customers is frequently retrieved and serves as a useful tool that helps us to improve and maintain customer satisfaction. With the support of the continued improvement of the quality control system, we can ensure the fulfilment of these requirements. 
Environmental policy 

The Glamox Group also follows an environmental policy for the purpose of monitoring its impact on the natural environment. This includes aspects such as energy and water consumption, the carbon footprint, waste management and recycling, as well as restrictions regarding the use and disposal of hazardous materials and substances. Several of our production units hold the ISO 14001 environmental approval. Read more about our environmental policy here (link on the word here).



Click to download management system certificates for our business units (BUs).

ISO 9001 certificates 
Click to download the ISO 9001 quality system certificates for our production units and testing facilities. 

ISO 14001 


ISO 45001 

ISO 13485

ISO 50001


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