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Knowledge centre

Our experience and willingness to strive for excellence have allowed us to compile a unique compilation of know-how on the lighting industry. In order to create the best possible experiences, we would like to share our knowledge with you.

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Light management systems

Glamox LMS is a sustainable lighting installation that is easy to plan, install, commission and use. Read more about LMS.

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LED upgrade

As the move towards a greener future picks up pace, new regulations are pushing the shipping industry to act. Be ready for the future. Read more about LED upgrade.


Application guide

For different segments and applications, there are different principles of lighting you need to consider. Choose your segment and application below, and see our lighting proposals:


Work boats and response vessels  |  Offshore wind  |  Navy and Coast Guard  |  Commercial Marine  |  Cruise and ferry  |  Offshore energy  |  Onshore energy