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Work boats and response vessels

Correct lighting is important on all marine vessels. We know that different vessels demand different lighting according to safety, working conditions and so on. We have made these simple guidelines to make sure you choose the correct lighting solutions for your boat.

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SAR vessel

Rescue vessels know no limits: they venture out to sea when others seek the protection of a safe harbor.

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Pilot boats are small ships that take maritime pilots out to their vessels, often in very harsh conditions. They are also tasked to participate in SAR missions, and because of this they have many of the same lighting needs as a SAR vessel.

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Fast ferries

A fast ferry is a high-speed water vessel for civilian transport use. Normally it goes under the high-speed craft (HSC) regulations.

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CTVs are commonly used in the offshore windfarm businesses offering transfer of personnel and equipment for remote platforms. Efficient exterior lighting is an important working tool providing safety for the crew when waves are rolling in, and good internal lighting is important for a pleasant transfer.

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Fishing up to 20m

Your fishing boat is more than a means of transportation: it is your livelihood.

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Fishing 20-50m

When the ocean roars you need luminaires that you can trust.

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Work boats

Workboats are vital parts of their industry, whether you work in aquaculture, towing, dredging or something completely different.

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The recommended list of products is a wide selection of suitable products on a general basis for these types of vessels.

If you require a more tailor-made lighting solution for your project, please do not hesitate to send your enquiry to our sales team who will, through close communication, help you find the best solution for your vessel.


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