Onshore energy

From the smallest plant to the largest continuous petrochemical complex, in order to ensure that operations continue to perform at their highest level, it is vital to update equipment and invest in energy efficient solutions.  

Photo: Øyvind Hagen-Statoil

With our experience in the delivery of new LED products and LED retrofits and upgrades within the chemicals and refining industries, we can provide light management systems (LMS) and light designs that enhance the productivity and energy efficiency of a wide range of onshore plants. These lighting solutions are safe, smart and sustainable and will replace ageing equipment to enhance performance, reduce maintenance costs and improve return on investment (ROI), while providing you with sustainable, energy efficient products that are kinder to the environment.  

Glamox Onshore Energy Segment is responsible for; 

- Oil & Gas industry downstream, i.e. companies involved in refining/crackers (crude oil and natural gas) and petrochemicals sector (the processing and purifying of crude oil and raw natural gas). 

- Oil & Gas industry midstream, i.e. companies involved in transportation and storage such as pipelines and tank terminals. 


Investing in the future 

Onshore petrochemical plants must deal with many challenges such as maintaining plant uptime, keeping within operational budgets and meeting the different governing regulations and legal requirements from country to country. Market conditions, particularly for European operators, only add to these already complex challenges and not all operators are well-equipped to survive. As a result, European operators should be motivated to invest in and improve their plants with efficient and energy saving lighting solutions around key processing facilities to minimise production downtime. 

Continuous operations in hazardous areas also demands greater visibility and illumination to support worker safety (EN12464-1 or EN 12464-2). With Glamox LED lighting technology that offers energy efficient luminaires, reduced maintenance costs and improved light quality, lighting upgrades and replacements offer a great opportunity for operators to cut costs while improving the work environment and productivity.  


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