Petrochemical Complexes

A petrochemical plant is a chemical plant that uses a petroleum-based feedstock such as LPG or other products from a petroleum refinery to produce a chemical product such as plastic or rubber. Different types of sub-plant include Petrochemical, Steam Cracker, Ammonia and Fertilizers.  

High Bay Floodlights and Area Lighting 

Our range of floodlights include cutting edge LED high bay floodlights and area lights for safe and hazardous areas, which are made to meet all your requirements. 

LED high bay and floodlights can be used on installation heights above six metres for general purpose lighting. Our floodlight range covers all requests in terms of lumen size and installation in both safe and Ex hazardous areas. 


Medium Bay Area and Linear Lighting 

Our low maintenance, energy efficient LED area lighting can be used on installation heights above four metres in process areas such as Local Operating Area Lighting (pumps, etc.) or Operating Platforms on skids, platforms, walkways, pipe racks, etc. The products comply with all requirements for safe and hazardous areas in the chemicals/petrochemicals industry.  

Our range of medium bay area and linear lighting varies from modular area lighting to pendant and surface-mounted luminaires for non-Ex and Ex hazardous areas. 


Low Bay Linear Lighting 

We offer a comprehensive range of luminaires designed for low bay installations. For low bay applications, we recommend an installation height below four metres in Process Areas such as Local Operating Area Lighting or Operating Platforms on skids, platforms, walkways and pipe racks.