Bright solutions with a lighter footprint

Our most important task is to enable the sustainability ambitions of our customers through sustainable products and solutions; and we deliver environmental excellence in operations by taking climate action and begin the transition towards a circular economy.

Bright solutions

Creating sustainable lighting solutions tailored for our customer’s needs means planning and designing a light installation that considers resources, energy use, well-being and performance.

Most of the environmental and climate impact from lighting solutions come from the use phase. We will use our experience and expertise to help find the most energy efficient and sustainable solution for every project, in order to reduce emissions and help deliver on the customer’s sustainability ambitions.


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Glamox continuously works towards creating more energy-efficient solutions. By replacing conventional luminaires with high-quality LED luminaires we can reduce energy consumption by 40 to 50 %. By also adding a smart light management system the total energy reduction can be up to 90 %. More than 95 % of the luminaires we deliver are now LED, and more than 35 % of our turnover comes from connected lighting. This makes us an experienced partner in designing sustainable lighting solutions.

Lighting solutions from Glamox are designed to last, because the most sustainable solution is to use a lighting system for as long as possible. The lifetime of LED modules and drivers in Glamox products is around 100.000 hours. The luminaires robust construction will last just as long. At its end of service life, one can easily take our products apart and sort them in clean fractions to be recycled.

Up to 80% of all environmental impacts for a product is determined in the design phase. That is why Glamox have established circular design criteria for the development of new products.

The impact light has on the physiological and physical well-being of people is an important part of how we think sustainability at Glamox. The right light at the right time can influence everything from your sleep to how you feel and perform. That is why we always put people in the center when developing lighting solutions. Our human-centric lighting (HCL) solutions is beneficial for schools, health facilities, offices and industrial buildings.

To help make better choices and reach sustainability goals, all our product families have available certificates, manuals and declarations documenting their performance. We can help you choose a solution that meets the requirements for BREEAM, WELL, LEED or other market-specific environmental standards.

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Lighter footprint

Because our footprint is the customer’s footprint, we seek to reduce and minimize our negative environmental impact and maximize the positive effects of our solutions. In addition to reduced energy consumption in use, we also make sure the emissions from the full product life cycle are as low as possible, and that our products are responsibly handled from material sourcing to product end-of-life. This includes taking steps to cut emissions and making better choices in our production.

We will contribute to a circular economy through recycling and reuse of materials, energy efficiency and reduction of waste in our value chain. We will choose renewable energy where possible and improve energy efficiency in our operations. We are continuously looking for new ways to reduce impact from material use and packaging, maximize waste recycling and minimize or find alternatives to harmful chemicals. Glamox will become a net zero company by 2030.