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Offshore energy

With decades of experience in offshore oil & gas, Glamox continue to explore new market shares and opportunities beyond the marine environments. Both fixed and floating offshore wind capacity installations, investment, and development continues to spread to all corners of the world and Glamox naturally wants to take part of this journey.

Our focused sub-segments for the wind farms are the turbines, foundations, substations and converter stations. For our traditional oil & gas industries are focused sub-segments are floating production units such, drilling units as well as continental shelf field centers. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet all relevant standards, and work reliably even under the most extreme harsh and hazardous environments. We aim highest with our focus on supplying sustainable and energy saving solutions to contribute to a green environment.

Would you like to learn more about our work in the offshore enery segment? Below you can read about projects we have delivered and how we can help you succeed.

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Three decades working with FPSO’s

Glamox has supplied lighting solutions to more than 60 FPSOs world-wide.


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The dawn of a Canadian success story


A random encounter at the ONS Expo in Stavanger, Norway in 1988, gave birth to a Canadian success story.


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Delivered projects

Glamox has delivered lighting solutions to a number of offshore energy projects. Here is a selection of our previous deliveries.

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Application guide


Glamox provides a complete range of lighting products and solutions suitable for all types of offshore installations and ships.


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