Aker BP







An onshore control room for offshore installations, Aker BP (previously Det Norske oljeselskap). The recessed, tuneable white luminaires provide a standard light (3500 K) and energy light (6500 K).

The control room consists of two rows of screens in a semi-circle. The room is operated 24/7 by two workers on an 8 or 12 hour shift cycle. The circadian light cycle is automatically controlled, but the workers can override it via a desk-mounted touch panel. For example, in the case of a meeting or an unwanted event, a cool white focus light may be activated. The user has a high grade of autonomy since they are few and will receive proper light  management training.

A balance must be found between the need for individual control and automatic control to ensure the maximum circadian effect and minimum risk of misuse. To allow for more individuality, tuneable white free standing or pendant luminaires by or above each workstation is recommended. A semiautomatic control system where parts of the cycle is automated, for instance in the morning when the energy light is needed, is the best solution. During the day, the user may set the colour temperature and intensity levels according to his or her own preferences. That would give the user access to activating light whenever he or she wants, just/simply by the push on a button.


The barrier between information need and information overload on screens and information systems is very delicate. Too little information will not reveal the real state and performance of the operating equipment, whereas too many blinking lights will confuse the operator. Research on control room environments show that most accidents happen during the night shifts and especially the last hours during those shifts. The control room lighting plays a role in illuminating the most important parts of the panels, with the correct lighting level and when needed.


Key info: 

One of the world’s first on-shore control room for offshore oil platforms.
• Equipped with 14 x Modul RC 600 LED CCT/RGB
• DALI DT 8 touch panel
• 2 or 3 shifts during the day
• Automatic light sequence for shift work
• Manual focus light (6.500 K) and standard light (3.500 K)
• Opened January 2015. Fully operational in 2016


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