SH R60

SH R60

Searchlight Halogen Remote controlled R60

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- This product is currently experiencing long delivery times - Remote control BUS operated halogen searchlights, SH 310 and SH 470 are suitable for all kinds of ships. 9 different units of Xenon and Halogen searchlights can be connected to the same network through Ethernet cat5 cables. It is stepless adjustable 360° horizontal and 55° tilting movements. There are several options of control panels both hard wired and wirelessl, which are fitted to the standard solution. Built with corrosion resistant components, and designed for extreme marine environments which require minimum maintenance. High quality seawater resistant aluminium housing finished in white polyester coating. Low weight and simple to mount, these searchlights provide reliable lighting in all kinds of temperatures.

Technical specifications

  • Scope of delivery

    1. Control panel, switch and spare lamp to be ordered separately. See accessories on item level.
  • Application

    1. Suitable for all kinds of ships, the robust control system R60 is based on a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) platform, where 9 different searchlights can be connected to the same BUS network through Ethernet CAT 5-E cables. The system is open and can operate on its own LAN network or on a common field BUS network on the vessel. Open for external input/commands from third party components, makes the R60 able to integrate with radars, security command centers or similar. It is a stepless system, adjustable with 360° horizontal and 50° vertical movement. Both horizontal and vertical indicators are included, with an accuracy down to 1°.
  • Housing

    1. High quality seawater resistant aluminium housing finished in white polyester coating. Other RAL colours for housing on request.
  • Optic

    1. Adjustable beam and durable silver-plated glass reflector specially designed for halogen lamps
  • Electrical specification

    1. 115/230V
  • Light Source

    1. QT 1000, 2000, 3000W
  • Mounting

    1. Easy mounting direct to the deck or on pedestal
  • Connection

    1. Connecting with cable glands in polyamide. Maximum 100 m LAN cable between switches, panels and searchlights. Unlimited number of switches can be connected in one system.




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