CL25 HMI Searchlight

CL25 HMI Searchlight

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The product family CL25 is based on powerful HMI light technology. The dual head can be configured with dual white HMI, a combination white and UV or with dual UV. The CL25 is available in standing or in hanging version and with optional integrated IR thermal camera. The unlimited movement functionality offers limitless operational freedom and superior sea area coverage. In combination with the intelligent Luminell 3G control system it can be connected in a system with all the variants of SL2 and CL25/35/38 models and possible to control many searchlights and control panels in a network. The system is also open to be integrated with other systems onboard. In combination with the special designed parabolic reflector this searchlight gives an extraordinary useful light performance that is ensured throughout the life of the bulb. The high color temperature in combination with the high color spectra (CRI) gives an impression of clear daylight with good contrasts of objects. It is very energy efficient providing a huge 66000 Lumen at only 800W. The proven design and mechanical concept is very solid and all mechanical structure is embedded inside the housing. This reduces problems coming from external influences like ice or corrosion. The housing itself is made in acid proof stainless steel and withstand the extreme tough marine environment. The concept is developed over 20 years and is highly appreciated among mariners all over the world. - A proven robust and functional design - Marine resistant materials of highest class - Maintenance free with monitored electrical motors. - Unlimited maneuverability for superior sea area coverage - Superior operator control system with system feedback - Language selections in display - Compact size - Energy Efficient - Powerful HMI - High Lumen output - 1 lux at 3200 m - 66 000 Lm - Wide focus range - FiFi regulation compliance - Standing or in hanging version - Optional combinations with UV-light - Optional with Integrated IR thermal camera - Ready for integration

Technical specifications

  • Technology

    1. Dual Head Searchlight with endless rotation in both pan und tilt. HMI light source with hot restrike and adjustable beam focus. Remote control and ready for integration.
  • Input power

    1. 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Maximum Power Draw - 1070W
  • Body material and colour

    1. Acidproof Stainless Steel. Powder coated in White RAL9016
  • Light output

    1. 66000 Lumen CRI >90 6000K
  • Beam angle

    1. Adjustable 4-20º
  • Candela (measured)

    1. 10,7 MCd
  • Range with 1 lux at target

    1. 3200m
  • Weight

    1. 30kg
  • Dimensions

    1. 42x75x53cm
  • Others

    1. For a working searchlight system also choose: -Ebox, for AC. -Cable lengths of mandatory cables, Power-/signal cables. -Operator panel and other accessories




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