Ex de LED floodlight

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The Ex de LED floodlights are designed for a long lifetime and high efficiency without any maintenance. The Ex d module of the floodlight has no flame path and the connection box is Ex e approved. LED gives instant light and the floodlight is immune against voltage drops. The special design of seawater resistant aluminium anodized module housing secures an excellent cooling. Mounting frame and bracket are made of stainless steel. The floodlights are ATEX, IECEx and TRCU certified.

Technical specifications

  • Connection

    1. As standard for external connection the FX60 comes with 2 cable glands M25 Ex e brass nickel plated (others on request). The glands are for cable diameter from 10 to 17mm, Ex e external connection box at the back of the floodlight with terminals for cross section up to 6mm².
  • Mounting

    1. Adjustable bracket in stainless steel AISI 316 unpowdered 8x50mm as standard.Holeplates have position locks both sides for 2 to 4 module version as standard.
  • Light Source

    1. Array of LED with 4500lm output per module, with extreme long rated lifetime of 100.000 hours at ambient temperature of 45°C.
  • Electrical specification

    1. Integrated IC driver available in 120Vac or 230Vac or 254Vac 50/60Hz, low power consumption of 40W per module only. No inrush current due to the IC driver technology. The modules are connected in the external connection box and working independently.
  • Optic

    1. The FX60 floodlight is available in wide, medium or narrow beam characteristic, with clear safety glass. The floodlight is available with 1 to 4 modules corresponding 4500lm to 18000lm system output in 5000k light colour.
  • Finish

    1. Modules are anodized
  • Housing

    1. Modules out of di-casting, seawater resistant aluminium, frame and bracket out of stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Ambient temperature (Ta)

    1. Operation temperature from -50°C up to +55°C
  • Approvals

    1. IECEx and ATEX approved
  • Application

    1. Hazardous areas zone 1 and zone 2. According to rules of maritime classification societies and IEC standards.




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