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Who says robust marine luminaires can’t look stylish too?

Glamox launches a stylish new range of energy-efficient indoor lighting for vessels and offshore installations.

Glamox, one of the world’s leading lighting companies, has launched a new range of stylish recessed ceiling luminaires to help operators of vessels and offshore installations to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. The AL40 LED range of indoor luminaires is specially designed to light the interior of vessels and offshore installations. The robust luminaires provide comfortable and glare-free lighting for locations where crew and passengers spend a lot of time. This includes offices, cabin corridors, staircases, crew cabins, control rooms, and the bridge. On an offshore rig, the AL40 luminaire is ideal for areas like the gym, locker rooms, mess rooms and crew areas.

The first vessel to use the Glamox AL40 is Royal Caribbean International’s next-generation cruise ship, Icon of the Seas. This impressive vessel will feature 50 luminaires in its offices.

Vessel and rig owners are under increasing pressure to cut energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.  The International Maritime Organization has set a goal for Net Zero emissions from shipping by 2050 and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 70% - striving for 80% - by 2040, compared to 2008 levels. Also, from 1 January 2023, it became mandatory for qualifying vessels to calculate their attained Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) to measure their energy efficiency, and to collect data for the reporting of their annual operational carbon intensity indicator (CII) and CII rating. A vessel’s carbon intensity links greenhouse gas emissions to the amount of cargo carried over the distance they travel.

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“Our new environmentally friendly luminaires will help vessel operators to comply with greenhouse gas reduction targets and new regulations. The luminaires fit nearly all marine ceilings, are easy to install, and meet the latest fire ratings. Although designed for robust life at sea, their sleek minimalistic design gives them stylish looks too,” said Håkon Helmersen, Chief Commercial & Sales Officer, Marine, Offshore & Wind division at Glamox. “The luminaires can be equipped with motion sensors and be connected and controlled using a Glamox Light Management System to drive even greater energy efficiencies.”

The AL40 luminaire is principally aimed at new builds and, size permitting, can also be used in retrofit installations. When used with a light management system and sensors, the AL40 can save up to 90 percent of the electricity used by conventional fluorescent luminaires.

The fully marine-approved AL-40 range has a standard light output of 2200lm to 4000lm and light colour of 3000K and 4000K. Other variants are available on request. The luminaire is vibration resistant, meaning it can cope with harsh conditions, such as those on fishing or offshore supply vessels. The range comprises the entry-level and upgradeable AL40-GP (M) and the deluxe AL40-R (M). Both can come with an emergency lighting system with either a three-hour battery pack or an internal battery for the short luminaire.