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RLX B G2: Proven endurance – a small light for big tasks

Get to know the RLX B G2, the improved second generation of the very popular RLX B. This small but tough 24VDC floodlight is designed for marine applications, featuring fixed cables in standard lengths of 5m and 15m.


Tough design for tough places

Built to handle the challenges of being out at sea, the RLX B G2 is made to last. The RLX B G2 is a reliable product that will perform dependably, even in the harshest marine environments for many years to come.


Versatile applications

The RLX B G2 is useful for all sorts of boats, like fast ferries, small fishing boats, search and rescue vessels, pilot boats, CTVs, and offshore wind installations. It's tough and reliable, making it a good choice for various marine situations.


Light options tailored to your needs

The RLX B G2 comes with different light options. As a standard the RLX B G2 is delivered with CRI80, 5000K and 3 different beam options MB30, MB50 and Wide. It’s also available with 3000K, red, green and blue light colors. This flexibility allows you to choose the lighting that fits your needs.


Seamless Integration for VAC Installations

For VAC installations, the RLX B G2 can be conveniently delivered as a bundle, complete with an external Junction box that includes an LED driver. Alternatively, it can be easily mounted with a separate LED driver, ensuring a seamless integration process.



Discover the numerous benefits of a RLX B G2:

  • Compact, robust and sealed
  • Proven and tested design
  • Made to handle shocks and vibrations
  • No maintenance
  • Designed and produced in Europe
  • Excellent EMC characteristics
  • Encapsulated internal electronics
  • Corrosion class C5m
  • Fixed and moulded cable


Experience the RLX B G2 – where compact design meets exceptional endurance!