Glamox Connect

Complete control of your lighting installation

Glamox Connect gives you complete control of your lighting installation. It helps you reduce energy consumption and optimise maintenance work.

Glamox Connect is our central monitoring system, a cloud-based dashboard solution where you can integrate and combine different Light Management Systems (LMS). This allow 24-hour monitoring of all your devices and accurate picture of energy consumption, activity and maintenance data for all connected devices and locations. You can test your emergency lights and run emergency reports according to standard, automatically from the system.

Glamox Connect can be adapted to different Glamox systems (Ethernet2Dali, Wireless Zigbee, DALI Complete) and can generate data to all of today’s most common BMS systems. Glamox Connect makes life easier for facility and property managers, electricians and maintenance workers.



Remote monitoring

Gives a complete overview of all your local installations from a web based solution.

Safe storage in the cloud

Access your sites and datafrom anywhere

Multi user and multi site user interface

Glamox Connect is a web based tool for designated users and multiple sites. Let multiple users share the same data on all your sites, for complete control over the entire lighting installation.

Glamox Connect

All you need in one system!

Energy monitoring

Complete overview of the energy consumption on your site or filtered by predefined areas.

Maintenance monitoring

Get alerts when luminaires are failing, with information about fault and location. The system has direct integration with Glamox product pages.

Floor plan

Easy overview of all devices in your installation, including direct access to product data sheets.

Emergency monitoring

Get alerts directly to maintenance personell when emergency lights are failing, and generate emergency reports according to standards.