Harsh and Hazardous Environments

Working in an offshore, marine environment can mean facing some of the most severe weather conditions in the world. If you work on an offshore oil and gas platform, you get the added risk of an explosive atmosphere.

Harsh Environments

Outdoors, on a drilling or production facility, a high level of attentiveness is required at all times due to the risk management needed for various operations. We therefore recommend light fittings with high lumen output, high CCT of 5000 to 6000 K and a color rendering index of at least 80. This will give the best physiological foundation in order for personnel to stay alert at all times.

Special attention should be given to the environment in which the fittings are installed. In a highly saline, harsh offshore environment, fittings with a housing made from powder-coated, deep drawn 316L stainless steel, with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 66/67 is the safe choice. If installed properly, the light fittings will keep the components inside the housing safe from water ingress and ensure a long lifetime of more than 100,000 hours @ 45° C. When it comes time to change the light source, or if the diffuser gets damaged, the changeover can easily be carried out in just a few minutes with the help of a regular screwdriver and the relevant spare parts. This saves time, money and is the most environmentally friendly option.


Hazardous Environments

Glamox offers a wide range of lighting products for Ex Hazardous Areas, which are suitable for both non-marine and marine-approved environments. With our vast experience in all types of lighting and light fixtures for both hazardous gas and hazardous dust areas, we can provide lighting solutions that help you replace outdated and discontinued products with refit solutions (MRO) to completely replace with the latest Ex technology with light management solutions (LMS) if required. We are committed to supporting you with reliable advice and lighting products that ensure your projects are fully compliant and completed on time with safety and the environment as key priorities.


Directives, Standards and Local Compliance

As you might expect, our lighting products meet all the latest European Directives and IEC Standards for Explosive atmosphere and Marine applications, with many International Certificates required around the world. For hazardous areas, it is important that the lighting product is designed for use in that specific area, and that operation and maintenance are according to the requirements. We have vast experience in providing lighting solutions for all extreme Ex-conditions in the offshore industry.

Products designed and developed for installation and use in hazardous areas must be certified in accordance with project and regional requirements. Standards and certifications are not the same for all regions. To find out which products can be used in which regions, please refer to the product specifications below.

ATEX approvals are mandatory for countries within the EU and can be accepted in other countries outside the EU.
IECEx is approved in other countries around the world or is the basis for specific country approvals based upon the IEC 60079 standards in some fashion. Area classification per ATEX & IECEx is per IEC 60079-10-1 (gases/vapors) and 60079-10-2 (dusts).
Technically, the product safety characteristics are no different, as they are built to the same standard (ATEX – EN, IECEx - IEC).
Zone 2 equipment under ATEX can be self-declared by the manufacturer, whereas this is not allowed under IECEx. All Glamox Zone 2 luminiares are ATEX and IECEx certified.
You will also find other standards and regulations such as Energy Institute – IP 15, API RP 500 & 505 and NFPA 497.

Humid and corrosive environments affect Ex equipment. When selecting Glamox Ex lighting products, you must know the precise environment in which it will be installed. Ingress Protection (IP) is one key consideration, but placement of glands, exposure to corrosive chemicals and cleaning agents, salt water etc. are also important factors that should be addressed during the selection process of Ex equipment.


Your reliable partner

Glamox has supplied lighting solutions to more than 500 offshore exploration and production installations worldwide. With decades of experience in conventional luminaires in the offshore industries, we continue to explore new technologies. The technological development is part of what makes us experts in lighting for extreme environments. Applications in potentially explosive hazardous gases and hazardous dust environments set stringent requirements from us.


Typical areas of use

For walkways, switch rooms and production areas, we have the Linear LED - Zone 1, MAX, MAX Gen2, TX60 and the hugely successful GRX3 for recessed ceilings. These fittings are available in standard and emergency versions. 

For general deck, lay down areas and crane operations, our highly popular FX60 Zone 1 LED and RLX Flood Light series are specified by many oil and gas platforms and crane operators.