With two well-known searchlight brands, Norselight and Luminell, Glamox offers a full range of searchlights, from signalling lights to direct and remote-operated searchlights.

The product range includes models with halogen, HMI, Xenon and LED light sources, which can be supplied with single or dual light source modules, as well as variants with UV/IR filters and an integrated thermal IR camera. Operation is seamless and has unlimited manoeuvrability, the searchlights can be integrated and controlled from third party systems. A naval version with Morse capabilities and integration into the vessel’s radar system for target tracking is also available.


Single to fully integrated systems

A searchlight has many different purposes and can be supplied as a single unit for direct operation on a small vessel, or as a fully integrated system for larger ships. A common use of our searchlights is to integrate multiple searchlights into a system where both remote-controlled operation and automatic target tracking can be activated. This type of system is commonly used both onboard ships as well as to secure facilities or border areas on land.

Norselight was established in 1918 and has delivered products for safety and security to the maritime and defence sectors for many years, providing high quality, reliable searchlight systems for extreme conditions. The product range includes direct- and bridge-operated systems, as well as advanced system configurations for radar integration and target tracking. Our XS R60 Xenon model is the searchlight with the longest range in our portfolio with a 14,000m range (at 1 lux).

Luminell was established in 2010 and supplies LED and HMI searchlights to the maritime and naval industries. The Luminell searchlight series offers very robust, versatile searchlight solutions for the most demanding users. With a proven concept, the Luminell searchlights add value to the operation as well minimizing the need for maintenance. The versatile system supports navigation, SAR and security operations and can be fully integrated into advanced systems to help secure facilities or can be integrated into a vessel’s radar system to track targets automatically. Luminell supplies searchlights with HMI and LED light source and can be provided with a thermal camera if required.