MIL-tested lights and systems

Glamox can offer light fittings and systems that are tested to MIL standards and fulfil MIL EMC, MIL shock and MIL vibration standards for naval ships. In our MIL tested product range, we also offer lighting for Ex hazardous areas, as well as complete, turnkey smart lighting systems and light management systems (LMS).

Weight and cost savings

Our Naval lighting range can withstand MIL shock without the need for shock absorbers, which reduces weight and costs. The level of shock varies based on the product and application, but Glamox can offer a full range of products, from standard marine light fittings that fulfil DNV level shock, to fully MIL tested lighting that meet naval requirements. We divide the level of shock into categories according to Marine shock, Medium MIL shock and Full MIL shock.

EMC tests are conducted in external and independent test laboratories and vary from standard marine EMC to full MIL EMC according to the latest MIL standards. We divide the level of EMC tested into categories according to Marine EMC (DNV), Medium MIL EMC, and Full MIL EMC.

A range of vibration standards are also tested, either in our own test laboratory or at an external test laboratory for full MIL tests. We divide the level of vibration into categories according to Marine vibration, Medium MIL vibration and Full MIL vibration.

Our MIL product range also includes products with NVG and Night adaptation colour range, dimming, Ex certification and products with replaceable LED and driver modules.

Glamox has two test laboratories in Norway and Germany, where we conduct product testing either during the product development process of marine products or as part of documentation compliance with marine and MIL standards and requirements. All MIL product tests, regardless of whether the tests are internal or external, can be documented with laboratory test reports.


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