Promenades and sun decks

The promenades and sun decks are locations that can be found on almost all cruise vessels and passenger ferries. These places normally extend from bow to stern on both sides and include areas open to the outside, resulting in a continuous outside walkway suitable for walking or jogging. Usually, the promenade deck is the embarkation deck to man the lifeboats in emergency situations.

Robust, reliable and low maintenance

The promenade and sun deck areas of a cruise ship have special requirements for installed lighting, regardless of whether these areas are for work, embarkation, rescue or winching. In addition, the visibility of the vessel itself and its surroundings must also be considered. The required lighting solution must operate in all weather conditions and will also provide a safe working environment for the crew.

As well as achieving a reliable and evenly distributed light output, it is also important for promenade walkways and pontoon sun deck areas to provide the appropriate light colours and light intensity, as well as light fixtures that are robust and stable for long term reliability. Using the appropriate material for the light fittings is critical in order to ensure high robustness and a long operating life of the light fitting, resulting in minimal or zero downtime.

Important factors to consider when choosing lighting solutions for promenade walkways and sun decks:

  • Ingress Protection (IP) rating.
  • Mechanical strength and impact resistance.
  • Low maintenance and reduced power consumption (high energy efficiency).
  • Light quality.
  • Light colour setting.