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Glamox offers the largest selection of searchlights in the world. We manufacture searchlights for all purposes. Our searchlights are built with corrosion-resistant components and are designed for extreme marine environments where minimal maintenance is required. Low weight and simple to mount, our searchlights provide reliable lighting in all temperature conditions.


Searchlights and signal lights are important for all marine vessels. The lights should be solid, powerful, functional and suitable for use in all types of climatic conditions. Energy efficiency and sustainability are also key considerations. In order to guarantee safe operation of the vessel, strict requirements are placed on open deck searchlights in terms of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The lighting should comply with emissions and immunity requirements of IEC60945. Searchlights on some vessels for special operations may also need to meet FiFi regulations.


Easy to integrate

Glamox supplies sustainable and energy efficient marine searchlights that are suitable for both near field and long field applications. Our range of searchlight solutions includes a wide variety of LED, HMI and Xenon searchlights for different purposes. In combination with the intelligent, easy-to-integrate control system, multiple searchlights and panels can be controlled both on its own network or as an ‘open’ system for integration with radars, security command centers or other systems.



Open deck lights for marine applications need to fulfill a variety of demands. On most vessels, the lighting needs to meet IEC60092-306 regulations, as well as meeting quality standards relating to vibration, mechanical strength, ingress protection (IP), humidity and others, in order to ensure long-term operation in different weather conditions.


Long life operation

IEC60092-306 states that electrical installations should meet specific EMC standards in order not to interfere or be affected by other electrical installations and equipment. All open deck safe area lighting should fulfill the EMC performance requirements for “bridge and deck” according to IEC60533. This is also defined as EMC Class B according to DNV GL.


For embarking launched life rafts or for maneuvering lifeboats and rescue boats at night, it is important to have sufficient light at sea level. Powerful floodlights facing downwards onto the sea illuminate the surface of the water and help the crew attach life rafts to rescue boats to be towed out of the dangerous area.


Instantaneous light

In emergency situations, time is critical and so there is no time to wait for discharge lamps to warm up. Light must be available instantly to reduce the risk of injuries.


Emergency backup lighting systems

In a black-out situation, lighting must have a backup system, either centralized or decentralized with an integrated battery backup system.



Navigation lights and control panels

Navigation lights must fulfill all the requirements of International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREG), which are published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and local rules. There are strict requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for lamps in order to secure safe operation of the vessel. The lighting should comply with emission and immunity requirements of IEC60945. The ability to operate across a wide range of ambient temperatures is also an important requirement.


Countdown to replacement

Navigation lights are critical systems that provide added safety for your vessel. Glamox navigation lights are designed with a lifetime of 100,000 hours at 45°C. The lights are equipped with a countdown system that lets you know when it’s time to replace the navigation light. To make the system tamper-proof, a timer is integrated in each lamp, while a message is communicated and displayed in the navigation light control panel. The system supplied reflects the use of the lamp, whether it is exposed to cold temperatures, harsh weather or conditions with less wear and tear. Glamox offers navigation lights to suit all types of commercial marine vessels.

Important factors to consider when choosing navigation lights for cruise ships and ferries:

  • Fulfillment of all applicable rules for the vessel.
  • Ingress Protection (IP) rating.
  • Mechanical strength/impact resistance.
  • Low maintenance and reduced power consumption (high energy efficiency).
  • Navigation lights should fulfill EMC-B requirements



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