Muster, assembly and rescue areas

Lifeboat stations, life raft stations, assembly and meeting points on a cruise ship or ferry are provided in case of emergency situations such as a fire or if the ship is in danger of sinking. As with all other areas, rescue areas also have particular demands on installed lighting equipment. The required lighting solution must operate in all weather conditions and should also provide a safe working environment when maintenance on lifeboats and davits is being carried out.

Special demands for rescue areas
It is important to install floodlights to illuminate the surface of the sea in order to identify rescue boats and life rafts to enable people to disembark from the cruise ship or ferry. This lighting must provide instantaneous light output from the moment it is switched on. Emergency (battery-powered) back up lighting must also be installed in case of power failure or black-out situations.

Important factors to consider when choosing lighting solutions for muster/assembly/rescue areas:


  • Floodlights to illuminate the surface of the sea.
  • Instant light output from start-up.
  • Emergency systems in case of black-outs.
  • Ingress Protection (IP) rating.