Light Management Systems for the future

A Light Management System (LMS) from Glamox is a complete lighting solution. You define exactly what you need, and we connect lighting solutions based on your specific requirements. By combining premium luminaires with carefully chosen smart technologies, we can offer lighting solutions that provide the greatest benefits and that are tailored to suit your different tasks and purposes. Particularly beneficial is the ability to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, as well as the carbon footprint, in addition to extending the lifetime of your lighting.

Energy savings and eco-friendly

Electricity bills are among the largest costs at any facility, whether on land or at sea – and lighting is a major part of this. But the great news is that by combining premium luminaires with our light management systems, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. Lower energy consumption translates into less waste and reduced pollution.

You can choose solutions that are both economical and eco-friendly. With LMS, it is as simple as that.

Our LMS solutions enable you to set and control light scenes, as well as providing you with dimming functions, entertainment and blind control. You can optimise the lighting to meet the requirements of individual users or specific areas of the cruise ship. An LMS can even increase the output or productivity of your crew, create a healthier working environment and enhance the comfort and wellbeing of your passengers.