Technical rooms (Control room / Engine room)

Lighting is a critical factor in ensuring a safe working environment for the ship’s crew. The lighting needs to be reliable and the luminaires must achieve the required level of light intensity. However, there is much more to lighting than light distribution and intensity levels; the crew should also feel comfortable in their working environment and the lighting should help them remain focused while working. The crew in the engine and the control room work without any natural daylight and so the light quality is particularly important.

Hot spots, shocks and vibrations

Just like other areas of a cruise vessel, the technical rooms such as the engine room or control room have special demands for the installed lighting systems. In the engine room, for example, a critical requirement is the high overall ambient temperature, with extreme hot spots close to the exhaust pipes. Several areas will also be subjected to high vibrations, especially at the rear of the vessel, for example, in the steering gear room or above the propeller shaft tunnel. Due to limited space and restricted heights in a ship’s engine room, this also requires lighting solutions with compact, low-profile designs that prevent any head injuries to the crew. As a result of the high demands placed on the quality, reliability and durability of its products, Glamox operates modern assessment and testing laboratories in Norway and Germany for the simulation of a wide variety of environmental conditions.


Important factors to consider when choosing lighting solutions for engine rooms and control rooms:

  • No maintenance and reduced power consumption (high energy efficiency).
  • Light quality.
  • Mechanical strength/impact resistance.
  • Ingress Protection (IP) rating (particle/water ingress resistance).
  • Tested for shock and high vibrations.