Casinos and Bars

Nothing stirs the senses of excitement quite like the sound of a deck of cards being shuffled, gambling chips being stacked or slot machines paying out. The casino on a cruise ship can be considered as a little slice of Las Vegas at sea.

Lighting that enhances the experience

Putting the spotlight on a live roulette table, having indirect illumination for the slot machine area or appropriate lighting for a poker table – the applications in a cruise ship casino and bar areas can vary considerably. The lighting set up can enhance the gambling process for passengers while helping to maintain a high level of excitement for the people gathered around the gambling tables. Direct and indirect lighting solutions combined with a light management system enable different lighting scenes to be set up throughout the course of the day. This can be fulfilled by installing suitable lighting and modern luminaire designs in these surroundings. This may also include, for example, installing luminaires or lighting with reduced glare light output. As a result of the high demands placed on the quality and durability of its products, the Glamox Group operates modern assessment and testing laboratories in Norway and Germany for the simulation of a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Important factors to consider when choosing lighting solutions for casinos and bar areas:


  • Colour temperature, Colour Rendering Index (CRI), correct beam angles and lumen output.
  • Light management system (LMS) for adjustability and control of different settings.
  • Low maintenance and low power consumption (high energy efficiency).