Accommodation areas

Cabins, suites and penthouses

Accommodation areas on a cruise ship such as passenger cabins, crew cabins, bathrooms and balconies should be designed to offer comfort and relaxation. This can be achieved by installing appropriate modern lighting solutions that help create a homely ambience. LED luminaires can be equipped with a “dim-to-warm” feature that changes the light color to a warmer tone when the light is dimmed.  

Important factors to consider when choosing lighting solutions for cabins:

  • Design and functionality.
  • Light management system (LMS) for controlling the lighting.
  • Color temperature (avoid too bright).
  • Low glare.



Functionality and safety

Lighting installed in corridors on a cruise ship should be designed to provide a combination of functionality and safety, yet still match the overall design of the vessel. The function of ship corridors and hallways is to provide connections between rooms and different areas of the ship, but also to function as primary escape routes in cases of emergency. Design of corridor lighting is important and should harmonize with the overall interior design of other rooms and areas of the ship.

In emergencies, the lights will guide the passengers out of danger and into safety by using escape signs. Passengers must be able to locate emergency exits in complete darkness. Glamox operates modern assessment and testing laboratories in Norway and Germany for the simulation of a wide variety of environmental conditions, including cruise ship corridors.


Important factors to consider when choosing lighting solutions for corridors:

  • Light evenness.
  • Colour
  • Emergency lighting (low location lighting) and escape route signs.
  • No maintenance and low power consumption (high energy efficiency).