Open deck (safe area)

Open deck lights for marine applications need to fulfill a variety of demands. On most vessels, the lighting needs to meet IEC60092-306 regulations, as well as meeting quality standards relating to vibration, mechanical strength, ingress protection (IP), humidity and others, in order to ensure long-term operation in different weather conditions. 

Long life operation

IEC60092-306 states that electrical installations should meet specific EMC standards in order not to interfere or be affected by other electrical installations and equipment. All open deck safe area lighting should fulfill the EMC performance requirements for “bridge and deck” according to IEC60533. This is also defined as EMC Class B according to DNV GL.

IEC60092-306 also requests that lighting should meet maximum ambient temperatures of 45°C. In some specific areas of a ship, higher ambient temperatures are requested. This means the light fitting should be designed to operate continuously at a minimum of 45°C in order to ensure its optimum lifetime is attained.

Glamox offers reliable open deck lights which have been strictly tested according to marine standards and have type approval from third parties such as DNV GL or Nemko.