Car deck

As a place where passenger cars and other vehicles are parked and stored safely onboard a ferry or other marine vessel, car decks have special demands on the lighting installed there.

Low glare, low maintenance lighting

One of the primary considerations for car deck lighting is low maintenance, as it is very difficult to carry out maintenance when cars are stored on the decks due to the risk of parts falling down and damaging the vehicles. Furthermore, there is no time during vehicle loading and unloading periods to perform maintenance tasks. Another factor to consider is potential glare from the lighting that could affect vehicle drivers as they move up the ramps while the vessel is being loaded. Glare must be avoided, as it can be problematic to maneuver a vehicle if the installed luminaires are causing too much glare and temporarily blinding the drivers.

There is also a requirement for explosion-proof fixtures for emergency car deck lighting according to the classification rule the vessel should follow.