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Sustainable lighting solutions

We help our clients create sustainable lighting solutions for their entire project, at sea or on land. A complete solution consists of quality luminaires, good lighting design and innovative technology. The end result is a smart, connected and energy-efficient solution that provides you with the right light, in the right place, at the right time.

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Extensive product selection

Our extensive product selection lets you choose from a wide range of high-quality luminaires with the latest technology. As a complete supplier for your project, we are ready to solve any challenge you might have. 

Our in-house production means you have great flexibility, and we offer you the freedom to customise according to your needs. Our luminaires are energy-efficient and built to last to benefit both you and the environment. 

Smart light management systems

A light management system lets you easily control and manage your lighting solution. Whether your project is large or small – a single room or a building complex or even a ship – we can provide smart luminaires and the latest control technology to keep them all connected.  

Making your lighting smarter will reduce maintenance costs while increasing your energy savings and extending the lifespan of your lighting installation. You define. We connect.

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Light that improves sleep, performance and well-being

All living beings have an "inner clock" called circadian rhythm, and humans are no exception. With human-centric lighting, we are able to replicate the effects of natural light to optimise work- and living environments, using proven, research-based solutions.  

The right light at the right time can influence everything from our sleep to how we feel and perform. At Glamox we have products and technology that let us offer tailored solutions for your specific needs. 

Smart tools and comprehensive knowledge

We see the importance of making smart use of the latest technology. With extensive experience in product design, manufacturing and product testing, we make sure this knowledge is to your benefit. Our digital platform makes your customer journey simple and efficient. 

You can be sure to get the best possible results when it comes to light planning, energy calculations and documentation. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is easy to plan, easy to install and easy to use - while giving you technical support when you need it. 

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Generations of experience

The close follow-up of each project is at the heart of our offering. Every project is unique, and we partner up with our clients to gain the best possible understanding of their needs.  

Our generations of experience and lighting expertise allow us to tailor solutions for your project. We combine our local knowledge with our global strength and capabilities. This means we are available to you, where you are, every step of the way.