Perfect balance, maximum flexibility

Our magnifiers are especially designed for maximum horizontal and vertical movement. They provide maximum horizontal reach, and will always stay in the right position without drifting. The arms are balanced by spring systems which ensure smooth and easy positioning.

Friction-free lamp head movements 
The ability to place the lens and direct the light exactly where it is needed is the hallmark of our illuminated magnifiers. The flexibility of the lamp head means that it is easy to adjust the magnifier for your personal needs. 
It is the combination of arm and head movements that determines the degree of flexibility in a magnifier. Our magnifiers are highly flexible, offering a combination of the three all-important head movements: 

  • Horizonal side-to-side movement (yaw) 
  • Up and down movement (tilt) 
  • Rotation around a horizontal axis (roll) 

The flexibility of the self-balancing arm and friction-free joint between the lamp head and arm makes exact positioning easy.