Light management systems

for the future

A smart lighting control system with sensors and monitoring optimises illumination, and reduces costs as well as your carbon footprint.

We tailor lighting solutions for all types of buildings, making them easy to plan, install, and operate. These systems can address various issues and purposes while enhancing the well-being of occupants and compensating for the lack of natural light.

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Curious about potential savings?
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Reduce your energy
consumption by up to 90%


Curious about potential savings?

Systems and products

Our systems and products are based on wireless or cabled technology and are easy to plan, install, commission and use.

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A smart lighting control system from Glamox is a great choice, whether you're an end user, building owner, installer, property manager, or consultant.

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Lower life cycle costs

Reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs while extending the lighting system’s lifespan. This is both economical and environmentally friendly.

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The right light at the right time

Good lighting improves health by providing the right amount of light throughout the day. A Human Centric Lighting (HCL) solution enhances sleep, increases well-being, and promotes strong focus and productivity.

Extra flexibility

Needs and requirements change rapidly. Our systems are flexible and easy to modify and scale. You can add or change control functions, switch layouts, or expand with more rooms and light points without resource-intensive renovations.

A sustainable solution

The lighting control system increases the light installation's lifespan and energy efficiency. Additionally, it avoids over-lighting (light pollution), which benefits neighbouring buildings, communities, ecosystems, and human health in general.

A better overview and control

Lighting controls with monitoring functionality provides insight of all your lighting installations. Information is presented visually through graphics for easy and quick reference. You receive status updates on energy and space consumption and can quickly identify any defects that require maintenance.

All in one

Our solution includes smart luminaires, lighting control systems, and monitoring software. Additionally, you receive support for planning, commissioning, and follow-up once the building is in use. Everything is provided by one supplier – seamlessly, safely, and efficiently.

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Light control for outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting makes our streets and outdoor environments safer and more pleasant, but it is also a large energy consumer. Glamox offers a system where the dimming controls are integrated in each luminaire. We call it Glamox NightDim.

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Explore expertise

Unlock advanced insights with comprehensive documentation and design tutorials for a mastery of LMS.

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Discover new lighting control perspectives in our insightful webinars. Expand your knowledge effortlessly.

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Project stories

Dive into our case studies showcasing successful projects powered by Light Management Systems.

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Human Centric Lighting

Harness the power of LMS for dynamic lighting solutions. Choose HCL for optimal well-being.

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