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Spotlight on energy savings


Energy prices and energy consumption is top of mind for everyone right now, and new legislation is pushing the change from traditional light sources to LED. Thankfully, modern technology offers innovative solutions like monitoring and light management systems, and we can help provide a solution that is beneficial for both the environment and your energy bill.


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How much can you save?

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Why upgrade to LED?

  • Comply with regulations

    Changing from conventional to LED lights can easily help you comply with new regulations. The significant savings achieved and short payback time makes it worth the investment.

  • Increase energy savings

    Upgrading the existing light installation with energy-efficient luminaires will have a positive effect on energy consumption. It is not only economical, but it also translates to less waste and reduces emissions.

  • Improve light quality

    We should never compromise on light quality. Premium LED luminaires provide better visual conditions, and the right lighting solution can improve the performance and well-being of people.

  • Reduce maintenance costs

    LED luminaires last longer and require less maintenance than conventional lights. A higher lumen package will allow you to reduce the number of luminaires and still meet requirements. Save time and money on maintenance with a sustainable solution.

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What you need to know about the RoHS directive

Plan your transition to sustainable lighting solutions today

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Same goal, different approach 

There is a huge amount of LED lights available on the market today, with various characteristics and quality, made by a number of different suppliers. Therefore, it can be difficult to find the right solution that will not compromise on quality and still be cost efficient. That’s why we have listed our best approaches for a successful LED upgrade below.

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Refit solutions

Our refit solutions are designed to replace existing conventional luminaires with LED luminaires. Simply by using the same footprint for mounting, you won’t need to rebuild, create new cut-outs or screw holes. A perfect fit that will save you time and money on the upgrade. 

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LED kits

The most efficient upgrade to LED. Just change the gear tray with all components included without touching existing cabling or luminaire housing. This allows you to quickly and easily perform an upgrade, while keeping the warranty and making sure the luminaire is compliant with the new technology for years to come.

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LED luminaires

You can select from a wide range of energy-efficient LED luminaires for all application areas. Working closely with our clients, we want to make sure you get the right solution for your project. Moreover, we can offer light planning and energy calculation.

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Maximise your energy savings  

By upgrading existing light installation to efficient and smart luminaires and systems you can reduce your energy used on light by up to 90%. Lower energy consumption is not only economical, but it also translates to less waste and less pollution.

Learn more about maximising energy savings in our light management section

Reference projects

Read the success stories about some of our LED upgrade projects, and learn how we helped them achieve significant savings on their lighting installations.

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Sustainable solutions

Did you know that 95% of the environmental impact from a lighting fixture comes from when it is in use? That is why we make it as easy as possible to use (and love) our products for as long as possible.  We make sure to equip our luminaires with the most efficient LED modules and high-quality optics. This allows us to create energy-efficient solutions and long-lasting luminaires with a lifetime of several decades of normal use.

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