Illuminated magnifiers

Our illuminated magnifiers are not just magnifiers with light, but powerful luminaires with excellent light output and good colour rendering capabilities. They are known for their flexibility and smooth self-balancing properties. These reliable products also stand the test of time and are available with a 5-year-warranty.

Do you want to learn more about the principles of magnification and how a Luxo magnifier can make a difference for many people in different life situations? Check out the guides below!

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The importance of light quality

At Glamox Luxo, we know how important light is for the working environment and for the individual’s health and...

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Magnification table

Our magnification table provides a complete overview of the total magnification options made available by adding...

The history of our illuminated magnifiers

Our history of lighting for the individual began with the development of the Luxo L-1 task light in 1937. The freedom of movement and the ability to place the light exactly where it was needed forever changed the way task lights work.

L-1 was designed by Luxo’s founder, the industrialist Jac Jacobsen, and is still in production. The lamp arm is balanced by springs that work on the action and reaction principle of human arm muscles.

Jac Jacobsen soon realised that his spring-balanced arm would carry a variety of different luminaires for various purposes, including illuminated magnifiers. The decades following World War II saw the development of a range of illuminated magnifiers for industrial applications, therapy and cosmetology, low vision and the healthcare sector.

Modern range of arm-based magnifiers
Naturally, our range of products has been vastly expanded since the early days, when the first illuminated magnifier was manufactured in 1955. However, the philosophy and knowledge from the development of the L-1 are being preserved in our modern products. Today, our range of illuminated magnifiers features a wide variety of arm technology, with or without visible springs. They all have perfect balance and careful ergonomics built into them.