Viking Glory: one of the world's most climate-smart vessels






Cruise and Ferry

The brand-new Viking Glory has been called the most modern passenger ship on the Baltic Sea. It is also one of the world's most climate-smart vessels, especially designed for an out-of-the-ordinary cruise experience. Glamox has delivered almost every luminaire aboard the ship, all of which are energy-efficient LEDs. 

Photo: Viking Line


Viking Line introduces their newest ship like this:

“There's nothing on our new vessel to block your view. You're at one with the archipelago and can enjoy a range of conceivable and inconceivable facilities — like the amazing rooftop terrace and the Baltic Sea's first floating market hall. Viking Glory will sail daily between Stockholm, Mariehamn, and Turku starting in early 2022.”

We are excited to say that Glamox has been a part of this adventure.

Viking Glory was ordered on April 5th 2017 and was launched on January 26th 2021. It is 222,55 meters in length, 35 meters wide, and is built to carry 2800 passengers plus a crew of 200. It is a very technologically advanced ship, while also having a minimal environmental impact. A special electric propulsion system saves both time and energy in manoeuvring the vessel, brand new fuel engines optimize fuel consumption, and waste heat is turned into electricity. With this focus on reducing the ship’s carbon footprint, it goes without saying that any luminaires used on this ship would have to be environmentally friendly LEDs. 


Viking Glory Bridge Credit Viking Line.JPG


All of our luminaires are built to be tough and have a very long lifespan, which leads to reduced downtime and maintenance costs. Choosing LED means a reduction in energy use, which makes it both an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient choice. 

Viking Glory is a part of a Finnish-Swedish EU project that aims to promote green and efficient maritime transport and give another push to maritime decarbonisation. The new vessel will launch service under the Finnish flag on the Turku–Mariehamn–Stockholm route on March 1.


Finland Viking Glory drone 1 Credit Viking Line.JPG


The following products were supplied by Glamox

Navigation lights: S65 & panel

Search lightings: Luminell

Floodlights: FL60, FX60

Technical lights & Liners: MIR, MAX, TL11, TL25, etc

Indoor lights/Downlights: DL60

Cabins: DL41-R155,

Cabin Corridors: DL40-R70, DL41-R155 and DL60-RF155 (with battery back-up),

Crew Cabins: DL41 and AL42.