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Glamox is proud to have delivered a complete lighting system for a unique aquaculture project in Northern Norway. Jostein Albert is a “sea farm” for breeding up to 10.000 tons of salmon per year.

Nordlaks, a family-owned aquaculture group, created an innovation- and research boost for the entire aquaculture industry with the implementation of Jostein Albert. It is the largest and most ambitious development project of this kind to date. The vessel is permanently anchored on an exposed location west of Hadseløya island. ”Jostein Albert is powered with clean electricity from land.

In July 2020 Glamox handed over a complete, complex lighting system for this innovative project. The delivery includes hardware, software and systems, and is an all-digital, sensor-driven solution.



Salve Epletveit is Technical Superintendent of Nordlaks, and has been working with Glamox on the project since the early planning stages. Now that Jostein Albert has been in operation for one and a half year, he is pleased to confirm that the on-board lighting solution works very well:

“In cooperation with Glamox we have made some minor modifications during this first year. We now have a solution that is tailor-made to the aquaculture operations on board. Most importantly we have a lighting solution that helps us take excellent care of the fish, who are sensitive to strong lights.”

The solution is based on sensors turning the lights on and off. There is a slow transition between darkness and full light and vice versa, so as not to scare the fish with sudden on and off switches.

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Jostein Albert, Photo credit: Ole-Kristian Gullvik Olsen

Glamox products installed include FL60 and FL40 floodlights, technical lighting (MIR and MAX luminaires), series 65 navigation lights and the control panel controlling the navigation lights. There is also interior lighting installed, including downlights. Glamox has also developed the light management software system used to control the lighting solution, and installed the sensors needed to make the system work. These sensors have been especially selected to withstand the harsh environment onboard Jostein Albert.

Nordlaks is currently working on the development of another innovative fish farming project, Nordlaks Hydra. Salve Epletveit says that many of the lessons learned from the Havfarmen project will be used in this new project.


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