Høegh Target






Commercial Marine

The world’s largest Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) Höegh Target, is equipped with high quality lighting from Glamox.

Höegh Target is owned by Norwegain Höegh Autoliners. It is 199,9 m long, has a capacity of 8,500 CEU (car equivalent units) and has 14 cargo decks, in all 71,400 square metres of deck space, wich is the size of 10 fotball pitches.

All in total of six ships has the New Horizon design that truly represents state of the art engineering. They are estimated to emit 50% less CO2 per car transported than a standard car carrier.

TL60 Slim design for demanding applications
Höegh Autoliners has chosen TL60, an unique high quality waterproof LED luminaries. Glamox delivers 300 TL60 fixtures per vessel to the machinery rooms. Exterior flood lights and interior lights in the hotel part of the ship are also of LED type.



DL60 downlights and FL60 floodlights
The rest of the ship is equipped with DL60 in cabins and corridors and MIR outdoors and on the car deck where the operating hours are limited because lights are not on around the clock. On the car decks lights are in use when loading and unloading, and to a limited extent also during the voyage.  FL60 LED floodlights and DLT RS(M) LED are used for technical indoor purposes.



Investment calculation
The Glamox investments calculator was used to fine-tune the results. This gave a good basis for choosing LED in their project. We are pleased to be the selected supplier based on good quality and service. The right choice for the world's biggest car carrier.