Frigate F361, Iver Huitfeldt





Navy and Coast Guard

Glamox presents our advanced searchlight system - the R60. This is the result of extensive engineering and testing, and sets a new level for intuitive control interface, features and flexible solutions for our customers.

The R60 is available in a wide range of halogen and xenon lamp searchlights, and due to its aluminum design and heat management, it is capable of extensive run times. The searchlight offers adjustable beam and position indicator for both vertical and horizontal movement.

The strong motor function makes the R60 equipped to handle all loads and weather conditions. It is capable of operating down to -50° C. The R60 has a touch screen interface with all functions included as standard, and it is
open for user defined system design, functions and integration, in accordance to customer specific requirements.

The first R60 was sold in the summer 2012. The Royal Danish Navy attended product-demonstrations in Norway. Searchlights are of great value in the search for and fight against pirates, not only in the Gulf of Aden, but also off the west coast of Africa, were pirate attacks are increasing. The searchlights have been involved in operations and are an active part of nighttime operations. XS 3000 R60 was installed on the Frigate F361, Iver Huitfeldt on summer 2012. In the future the Danish Navy is also considering to incorporate the searchlight into the ships radar system.