SL2IR LED Searchlight

SL2IR LED Searchlight

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With the SL2 searchlight as platform we integrate a thermal camera for improved night vision capacity. Very useful for navigation and searching as well for security or surveillance means. It is part of the Luminell 3G control system and can be connected in a system with all the variants of SL2 and CL25/35/38 models. The thermal night vision camera is placed in a robust housing on an internal special tilt unit. This means that the camera always follows the searchlight horizontal movement from the joystick though limited in tilt. The SL2IR is a compact sized and very robust searchlight giving great performance. Based on innovative LED- and FLIR technology, targeting the professional customers that meet the harsh marine conditions, virtually without maintenance maximizing your time in operation. Though the LED and IR technology is relatively new to the market our concept is developed over 20 years and is highly appreciated among mariners all over the world. For light and mechanical features please see SL2. - A proven robust and functional design - Maintenance free - Heated front window - Uncooled Thermal imager - 640x512 resolution - 9Hz - 30Hz as optional - Field of View 25°x20° - Zoom 2x, 4x - Palette options Please note that Export restrictions apply!

Technical specifications

  • Technology

    1. -Dual Head Searchlight with endless rotation in both pan und tilt. -LED light source with dimmable and adjustable beam focus. -FLIR Infrared Camera for night vision. -Remote control and ready for integration.
  • Input power

    1. 18-32 VDC or 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Maximum Power Draw - 800W
  • Body material and colour

    1. Pan/Tilt body in Acid proof stainless steel 316L. LED heads in Anodized Seawater Aluminum. Powder coated in RAL9016.
  • Optics

    1. FLIR Tau2 640, <30mK / 9Hz (30Hz as optional) 25mm Lens Heated window
  • Performance (typical)

    1. Man size object Detection approx. 820 m Recognition approx. 210 m Identification approx. 104 m Truck size object Detection approx. 2,2 km Recognition approx. 580 m Identification approx. 290 m
  • Palette options

    1. FLIR standard
  • Zoom settings

    1. Digital 1x, 2x, 4x
  • Field of View FoV

    1. 25 °x20 °
  • Video formats

    1. Analog: 640x480 (NTSC) 640x512 (PAL) Digital with Video Encoder (Accessory)
  • Others

    1. For a working searchlight system also choose: -Ebox, for AC or for DC version. -Cable lengths of mandatory cables, Power/signal- and Video cables. -Operator panel and other accessories




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