NL95 - 7 inch

NL95 - 7 inch

Touch Screen Navigational Light Controller

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NL95-7 inch is a programmable control and monitoring system for navigation and signal lights. Built-in software allows easy programming of lights configuration in main unit itself without requirement of external devices. A modular and scalable design makes it suitable for all ships / vessels types and sizes, with remote control feature it is possible to integrate it with ship control system.

The NL95-7 Navigation Light Controller comes with a 7 inch (diagonal) touchscreen panel.

The complete unit contains of a main display with touch panel for flush mounting, input modules for lanterns connection and power supply unit for installation inside of bridge console or in technical room. The NL95 main unit is equipped with touch screen display, and runs a user-friendly and easy-to-use operating system. It is available in 230 V AC, 115 V AC, or 24 V DC versions depending on vessel main power supply. 

All versions have dual power supply input modules (main and spare) with automatic change-over function. NL95 continuously monitors status of lights that are switched on and light's circuitry by checking current consumption for each individual connected navigational light or signal light. If current drops below threshold, the alarm is activated and system automatically switches to spare light (if exists), however this provides more safety. Each light input is protected by double pole fuse. Input modules are equipped with manual override activation feature which allows operation even in case of electronic failure. 

NL95, in maximum configuration, controls up to 80 lights, i.e 30 double lights and 20 single or up to 50 single lights. NL95 is tested and compatible with standard bulbs and Glamox / aqua signal LED navigation lights Series 55, 60, 61, 70/70(M), 75(D), 66N(D) MIL, and 76N(D) - both Standard and Arctic variants.  In addition, NL95 is Bureau Veritas, CRS, and DNV certified (ABS certification planned).

Technical specifications

  • Electrical specification

    1. 230 V AC or 120 V AC or 115 VAC or 24 V DC , depending on version connection, main and emergency power supply with automatic change-over, automatic supply change-over signalling.
  • Approvals

    1. DNV, BV, and CRS (ABS planned)
  • Maximal / Possible Configuration

    1. Maximum number of lights: 80 (in configuration 30 double lights and 20 single lights) Up to 5 input modules (in total) can be installed Up to 3 pcs. of ITNL-10-D (double lights) Up to 5 pcs. of ITNL-10-S (single lights) ITNL-10-D and ITNL-10-S can be combined in the same system
  • Lights' Power Range

    1. 4-100 W (230 V AC) 4-65 W (115 V AC and 120V AC) 4-40 W (24 V DC) Flashing lights are allowed
  • Input Modules Power Range

    1. 800 W (230 V AC) 430 W (24 V DC)
  • Lights' Fuses

    1. 5x20mm, each pole, mounted on input modules
  • Lights' configuration and condition

    1. Presented on 7" TFT touch display
  • Lights' switch on/off mode

    1. Using groups for switch on, touching light’s icon for toggle between on and off, and switch off all using "ALL OFF" button




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