AL46 Atlantis Led Strips

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AL46 Family have three members, FL for indoor IP00, Aqua and Atlantis for indoor and outdoor IP66/67. 
AL46 Atlantis - a flexible, homogenous, waterproof (IP66/67) Led strip designed for use in marine applications with high light quality and efficiency.
AL46 Atlantis can be used on vessels on decorative lighting applications indoors and outdoors where homogenous linear light is needed.
Alantis offers;
- light output from 400lm upto 1.350lm per meter
- Top or Side bend versions
- Totally homogenous light with Opal encapsulation
- different color temperatures (K) and CRI 80 & 90.
We provide the Atlantis in tailor made lenghts, complete equipped with marine approved connection cable (1, 3 or 5m)
*(lenght of strip to be dividable by step, note also max lengths of single strips upto 5.000mm)
ATLANTIS is completely homogenous light, no dots can be seen.
Mounting, AL46 Atlantis ALU Profile (1 or 2m profiles) or customer provided mounting.
Drivers, to be ordered separately, see AL46 OT (Osram)
Please contact your local sales representative for more details

Technical specifications

  • Application

    1. Decorative lighting installations Indoors and outdoors According to maritime requirements
  • Approvals

    1. Declaration of Conformity IEC 600092-306, 60598-1
  • Housing

    1. Thermoplastic Poyurethane Elastomers (TPU), does not attract dust or dirt, is easy to clean and is fully UV resistant, as well as salt and solvent proof
  • Technical specification

    1. 24VDC Top or Side bend. 4,8W/M = ~400lm/m -> MAX 5m Strips 9,6W/M = ~800lm/m -> MAX 5m Strips 14,4W/M = ~1150lm/m -> MAX 5m Strips Can be equpped with 3 or 5m marine grade cable with vertical or horisontal entry. Other configurations on request.
  • Optic

    1. Opal TPU, totally homogen light, no dots visible
  • Electrical specification

    1. Separate Driver needed, 24 V DC SELV
  • Light Source

    1. LED PCB >100lm/W, strip output ~80lm/W with Opal MacAdams 3 CRI 80+ or 90+
  • Mounting

    1. Can be pushed into separately ordered ALU profile suitable indoor and outdoor




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