Innovative zone 1 LED luminaire with CSA approval

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Glamox sets a new standard for reduced cost of ownership with-in the oil & gas industry with TX60 LED for Ex zone 1 applications. Its design is perfect for use in harsh areas, with an impressive temperature range down to -50°C up to +55°C. TX60 is suitable for hazardous areas, both ATEX and IECEx zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 Replacement  TX60 LED can be used as a direct replacement for the T8 fluorescent fitting. No new lighting calculations are needed. The mounting fixings can easily replace most T8 hazardous fittings on the market due to the flexible design. Technology  The advanced IC driver technology is class leading and offer 100 000 hrs at +45°C with no system lifetime limitations. The fixture has an impressive temperature range from as low as -50°C up to +55°C. TX60 LED will ensure a safe and high visual working environment for personnel due to its high quality color rendering. TX60 LED U is a UL certified product

Technical specifications

  • Connection

    1. Connection box with 2 Ex certified cable glands M25 polyamide D7-17mm and blind plugs M25 polyamide. Versions with through wiring with 2 connection boxes, one each end. Terminals for 6 mm² core diameter conductors.
  • Finish

    1. Grey anodized
  • Ambient temperature (Ta)

    1. Operation from -40ºC* up to +55ºC Emergency version is charging and discharging down to -40°C with 1.5h or 3h emergency duration.
  • Design

    1. According to rules of maritime classification societies and has CSA certification.
  • Application

    1. For all Zone1 and Zone 2 areas in onshore and offshore demanding applications.
  • Mounting

    1. Mounted to the ceiling or cable trays by screws. Different screwed mounting brackets, shock mounts or triangles are available.
  • Electrical specification

    1. High quality IC driver without inrush current. Flexible wiring heat resistant up to 105°C. Versions with through wiring and emergency are available
  • Lightsource/Optic

    1. Designed in two length with 2200 or 4500 lumen output from the fixture, LEDs are covered by soft opal polycarbonate diffuser.
  • Housing

    1. Seawater resistant, anodized aluminium housing




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