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Chart Lamp T LED is a versatile task light for professional applications where flexibility is of importance. It’s available in IP20 and IP43 versions. Dimmable version are also available. Typical applications are Bridge and workshops. The aluminum lamp head and rugged arm make it usable in a variety of industrial and professional environments. Can be supplied with an external 230V socket plugin adapter. The adapter’s protection class is IP20 and is tested to fullfil EMC 1/ Class B for Bridge.

Technical specifications

  • Application

    1. Bridge and Workshops. Flexible lamp for illuminating chart table or precision working areas that need discreet but focused light.
  • Design

    1. Robust design for marine and industrial work-space lighting.
  • Remarks

    1. Tested for EMC 1 / Class B for Bridge use.
  • Arm technology and movement

    1. 50cm or 70cm gooseneck (flexible arm) in black as standard.
  • Optic

    1. 30 degrees lens with clear glass as standard. Red and Green lenses available as accessories. To be ordered separately.
  • Electrical specification

    1. 12-24V AC/DC. Plugin adapter 100-240V->18V, IP20, available as accessory, To be ordered separately on item no SPA028603 for EU socket or SPA028736 with blades for EU GB NA AUS. Select Chart Lamp version that is prepared for GLAMOX PSU.
  • Light Source

    1. LED 3W, CRI >92, 4000K
  • Mounting

    1. Desk mounted by 4 screws (included).
  • Connection

    1. 12-24V AC/DC versions have 1,9m cord set. Versions prepared for Glamox PSU 230V-18V have a cord with connector matching the connector from Plugin converter.




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