AL46 FL Led Strips

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AL46 Family have three members, FL for indoor IP00, Aqua and Atlantis for indoor and outdoor IP66/67. 
AL46 FL - a flexible, durable and super efficient Led strip designed for use in indoor marine applications with high light quality.
AL46 FL can be used on vessels as cove lighting and in many other decorative lighting applications. Even as "luminaires" when mounted in optional profiles.
FL offers;
- light output from 500lm upto 1.000lm per meter
- 56 or 112 led per meter depending on needed visual
- Clear of Opal encapsulation-different color temperatures (K) and CRI 80 & 90.
We provide FL in rolls of 5,10 or 50 meters.
FL have visible led dots. Homogenous light can be achieved by use of suitable profile + cover. 
Mounting, provided with dobule sided tape on the back, optional Alu profiles with covers exist.
Roll have end with soldered 30cm wires. When cut, a connector with wires can be used or new wires to be soldered to pcb.
Cuttings step; every 125mm for 56 led per meter, every 62,5mm for 112 led per meter.
Drivers, to be ordered separately, see AL46 OT (Osram)
Please contact your local sales representative for more details

Technical specifications

  • Application

    1. Decorative lighting installations Indoors and outdoors According to maritime requirements
  • Housing

    1. Naked PCB, copper layer for effective cooling. Double sided tape included.
  • Technical specification

    1. 24VDC 2W/M = ~150-250lm/m -> MAX 5m 4W/m = ~300-400lm/m ->MAX 5m run 4,8W/m = ~400-500lm/m ->MAX 5m run 9,6W/m = ~750-900lm/m ->MAX 5m run
  • Optic

    1. Naked PCB, ALU housings with clear or opal covers available as accessories.
  • Electrical specification

    1. Separate Driver needed, 24 V DC SELV
  • Light Source

    1. LED PCB >100lm/W MacAdams 3 CRI 80+ or 90+ (white light strips)
  • Mounting

    1. fixing by adhesive tape on the backside of strip, into separately ordered ALU Housings/profiles or direcly onto suitable metal surface etc.




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