RLX B G2 Walkway

RLX B G2 Walkway Lights are based on the RLX B G2 Floodlights and are specially designed for offshore wind farm walkways and gangways. It cleverly and reliably illuminates these areas due to its radical beam pattern, with a beam twice as wide as standard linear lights.

The RLX B G2 Walkway light’s compact and “sealed-for-life” design reduces costly and time-consuming maintenance and installation work. The lights are mounted at waist height pointing downwards, where the beam pattern reduces glare to a minimum, ensuring that crews can walk and work safely on-site. It can be used anywhere there is the need for walkway lights, whether that is on wind turbines, gangways, vessels, rigs or other industrial- marine settings.

RLX B G2 Walkway Light is a 24VDC product and can be delivered with a Junction Box with Power Supply for VAC installations. The Junction Box can power up to 4 RLX B G2 Walkway lights, lighting up to approximately 30 meters of walkway in total, where commonly used linear lights cover approximately 4 meters of walkway per single product.

Glamox RLX B Small_2023-10-25_03.png

RLX B G2 Walkway Light (glamox.com)


Technical information

Initial luminous flux: apx 2.000lm
Color Temperature: 5500K
Color Rendering Index: 80CRI
Beam options: WBA, XWBA
Input voltage: 24VDC
Input power: 26W
Ambient Temperature: -40 to +55 Celsius
Ingress protection: IPx6/x7
EMC: EMC1 Bridge and Open Deck