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Watch the video: dropping new marine luminaire from 500 m into a fjord

This autumn, we launched the second generation of the popular marine-certified watertight MIR LED luminaire in a truly unconventional way. We decided to test it properly before launch!

To promote the rugged properties of MIR G2, we hired a helicopter and flew the luminaire which was switched on and illuminated using its internal emergency battery pack, to a height of 500 meters. Hovering above the Hjørundfjorden in the Sunnmøre region of Norway, Senior Marketing Project Manager Rolf Røsberg then hurled the luminaire into space. It hit the water at more than 250 km per hour. Check out the video below to see what happened.


For challenging environments

Glamox MIR G2 linear LED luminaires are designed to withstand the harshest marine environments. The product is also available for use in commercial and industrial building environments, such as factories, car parks, warehouses, energy plants, or any demanding environment.

“In addition to our usual rigorous product testing and marine certifications, we thought what better way to promote this rugged, impact-resistant luminaire than to drop it from 500 meters into a fjord,” said Røsberg. “I confess I had butterflies in my stomach as we took off. It was the mother of all drop tests and we did it in one take. There were some anxious moments, but when the diver surfaced with it shining bright in his hands, a massive cheer went up.”

Rolf Røsberg post-drop inspection.jpg

Glamox MIR luminaires are found on oil and gas rigs, offshore wind farms, and on all kinds of vessels from trawlers to modern warships. The marine variants are approved to handle strong vibrations and EMC requirements. The luminaires have a stainless-steel housing with an impact-resistant polycarbonate diffuser and range from 724 mm to 1,634 mm in length. They can be equipped with an emergency internal battery, can come with sensors, and be connected to a light management system for remote operation and testing.