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DL70 - Certified quality, discreet design

Meet the new Glamox DL70-R - a lightweight and extremely energy-efficient LED downlight suitable for marine applications on various types of vessels.


An architectural family developed for maximum efficacy

The Glamox DL70-R is a lightweight and extremely energy efficient LED downlight family suitable for marine applications on various types of vessels. It offers excellent light parameters, a long lifespan and flicker-free light with low glare. This ensures significant energy savings and sustainability while maintaining the desired visual comfort.

Several possibilities for decorative reflectors and numerous trim options are available in order to adapt this product to fit in perfectly with the interior design of ship cabins, corridors, public areas, staircases, control rooms and bridges. With a wide selection of sizes, décor options, good colour rendering and easy installation, we are pleased to offer a downlight to serve everyone on board.



1940219919-DL70_cabin_web.png         1414975039-DL70_corridor_web.png
DL70 cabin & DL70 corridor


Modern design for an elegant installation

Modern construction projects demand a higher level of design for the products used in lighting installations. The DL70 is a family of products which fit perfectly together due to a uniform trim ring and reflector concept. All variants are available with four different reflector options: silver
matt, silver, white matt and black.


Light quality and distribution

The lens we’ve developed especially for this product provides uniform light distribution with minimal glare. The principle is that the lens should do most of the distribution to the illuminated area and emit a soft and pleasant light to the reflector, minimising glare.


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