A more accessible Glamox with a sharper look

The Glamox group has completed a double revamp of its external profile: a refurbished website and an updated logo and visual identity. Rather than signalling a major shift in strategy or position, the changes affirm Glamox’s established position as a leading provider of sustainable lighting solutions for the global professional market.

Professional lighting solutions resemble most things in life. In the end, it’s about people. Whether in a production facility, a fishing vessel or an office building, the lighting should benefit those who work there – their working conditions and their wellbeing. This fundamental attitude has inspired Glamox’s new-coined vision: Creating light for a better life. This vision also underpins the new website and visual profile.


A site to serve the customer better

Over the past years, Glamox has established a digital platform to optimise operations and better serve its customers. This work has now culminated in the launch of a new Glamox website. The new site is designed to be informative as well as inspirational. A key ambition has been to make Glamox more accessible, allowing users to easily navigate and find what they are looking for, whether it’s products, documentation or advice on lighting.


"Digital initiatives have been a key priority for Glamox in recent years," says Rune Marthinussen, Group CEO at Glamox. "Our entire value chain is now digitised in order to serve our customers more efficiently. Equally important, we want to make it easy for the customer to choose a sustainable solution. Our new website is an integral part of these efforts."


Updated visual identity

Most prominent in the updated visual identity is a redesigned logo. While clearly based on the former version, it stands out as simpler and lighter. Overall, the new identity is a lot better adapted to digital use.

"The last adjustment to our logo was done in 1982, almost 40 years ago," says Nina Andresen Hol, Group Marketing Manager at Glamox. "So, an update was really about time. Still, we underline that the change is an evolution rather than a revolution."