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Where defence and security counts


Navy and Coast Guard

Where defence and security counts

In a rapidly changing world, defence and security are more important than ever. Glamox has a long history in the maritime defence and security sector, where our complete and comprehensive product and lighting solutions have contributed greatly to global maritime security. 

We offer extensive lighting packages and solutions for all marine defence-related needs, making Glamox the perfect partner for complex applications where extensive knowledge and experience of the applicable standards are required. This know-how is indispensable when equipping frigates, aircraft carriers, support vessels, patrol boats, and submarines with lighting solutions.

From the first consultations to long after installation, our team is at the ready to help you plan, design, and execute your lighting solutions - with a special focus on finding the best lighting solution for each project. We can offer MIL-tested light fittings and systems, integrated light management systems, and human-centric lighting, with high efficiency and sustainability among our top priorities. All this allows us to confidently fulfil the strictest requirements of naval lighting system suppliers all over the world.

Our wide portfolio includes navigation lights, floodlights, searchlights, interior and exterior technical lighting, explosion-proof luminaires, as well as integrated system solutions for surface ships, submarines, and Helicopter Visual Landing Aid systems (HVLAS) – everything that is needed to create light for a better life.


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A global partner with a local network

As a global partner with a strong local network, Glamox has been a leading and trusted supplier of lighting to the marine and offshore industries worldwide.

Founded on the harsh west coast of Norway in 1947, Glamox’s history spans over more than 75 years of tried, tested and proven application in harsh and demanding environments for sea-faring vessels within fishing, naval, cruise, ferry, tankers, freight and aquaculture and so much more – where Glamox’s Navy and Coast Guard experience spans many decades.

Qualified and motivated employees are the driving force at our company. We have people with different backgrounds, but what we all have in common is our competence and passion in relevant marine and offshore topics, trends and technologies – grounded in research and development.

Our solutions have been tested and proven in harsh and demanding environments, in all types of marine applications. We understand our customers’ challenges and concerns and know the best solutions for delivering good light for marine environments.

Smart and reliable solutions demand more than today’s expertise – it demands generations of experience.

The Glamox GOOD-BETTER-BEST product philosophy


Glamox aims to be the first choice when quality, competence and reliability counts. With our technology and expertise in naval lighting solutions, including marine- and MIL-tested products and systems, we offer everything from a wide portfolio to project engineering and commissioning.

In order to always be able to offer the right product or system for your project, we have developed the Glamox GOOD-BETTER-BEST product philosophy, which is a product portfolio based on three types of specification and price levels.

All three categories (Good-Better-Best) include proven maritime products, but where there are differences in the material used and the technical solutions specified, we’ve placed them in different price and specification categories. By defining our product portfolio in this way, we’ve made sure that we can offer a complete range of products that fit with any type of project, regardless of whether it’s a large naval vessel or a smaller SAR patrol boat. 



Basic specification LED products with Declarations of Conformity (DOC) according to marine requirements.



LED marine light fittings in accordance with DNV marine requirements. Naval LED marine light fittings (typically identified by the ‘N’ marking) according to DNV marine requirements. NVG, dimming, sensor integration and the remote control of functions are possible. MIL-tested products are also available.

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MIL LED marine light fittings (typically identified by the ‘N MIL’ marking) and LED MIL systems in accordance with DNV marine requirements and MIL tests on EMC, Shock and Vibration, or products with specific MIL options. NVG, dimming, sensor integration and remote control of functions are possible.

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Complete lighting solutions for naval applications


We have a long history in the maritime defence and security sector and offer complete and comprehensive naval lighting solutions, including marine and MIL-tested products and systems, to the Global Naval, Coast Guard, and SAR markets.

Discover our complete range of lighting products and solutions suitable for all types of navy and coast guard vessels


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Next-level connectivity

The importance of sustainable lighting installations within the defence and security sector is widely acknowledged. A Glamox Light Management System (LMS) will allow you to optimise your use of light. Smart sensors and monitoring features allow you to increase energy savings and also extend the lighting installation’s lifetime.

They also reduce maintenance costs as well as the carbon footprint. When focusing on people’s needs, lighting solutions can be tailored to accommodate different tasks and purposes, improve the wellbeing of occupants and compensate for lacking natural light.

An LMS system for naval applications can also be used as a silent communication system where lights are used for communicating with the crew.


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Glamox has an ambitious goal to achieve net zero by 2030


Electric lighting powers our everyday lives. However, it’s important to remember that it also accounts for 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to as much as 15-20% of the world’s electricity consumption.

At Glamox, we see it as our responsibility to create lighting solutions that improve the performance and  wellbeing of people. We support the sustainability ambitions of our clients by delivering energy-efficient solutions – a key focus throughout Glamox’s history. By upgrading existing light installations to efficient and smart luminaires and systems, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%.


Be ready for the future:
LED upgrades 


As the move towards a greener future picks up pace, new regulations are pushing the entire shipping industry to act. By upgrading from conventional lighting to LEDs, you can achieve substantial energy savings, while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions, helping you meet the latest marine industry carbon reduction regulations.


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Investment analysis calculator


Our investment analysis calculator calculates the payback time when investing in an LED installation versus an installation with conventional light sources.

The payback time on your LED upgrade is calculated by sinking your LED upgrade investment costs through the annual savings on your operational costs. This calculation will then give you the payback time for your investment. Since the payback time varies based on the type of product chosen and the vessel specification, Glamox will calculate the exact payback time for each project.


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Success stories

Read some of our success stories about delivered lighting solutions to the Navy and Coast Guard segment.

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Navy and Coast Guard brochure 

For more information about our Navy and Coast Guard segment, please feel free to download our brochure. 


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