Recreational sports areas

Recreational sports areas on a cruise ship include gyms, fitness rooms, spas and swimming pools. Uniform illumination, as well as intelligent lighting management systems that adapt the lighting levels to a specific sports activity, are key to energy efficient use and optimising the recreational experience for passengers.

Lighting that adapts to your needs

Illumination level requirements vary according to the specific sports activity in that area. The smaller and faster the ball is, the more light is needed. For example, most ball sports require 200 lux according to EN 12193, while squash or table tennis require 300 lux. For competitions, the recommended illuminance value could be as high as 500 to 750 lux. The lighting installation should always be planned for the most demanding activity. The light needs to be homogenous and by arranging linear luminaires in a continuous line pattern will create a uniform light distribution.

Many sports halls and gyms are also used for exams that require 500 lux, as well as for evening events that may need lower illuminance levels. It may be that the sports hall is divided by partition walls so that different sports can be played in different zones. A well-designed light management system can provide various illuminance settings. As the amount of light is often high, energy consumption should be reduced to a minimum when the hall is not in use. Presence detection sensors are an ideal way of achieving this.

During sporting activities, players tend to look up regularly, for example, to locate the ball. Glare-free lighting is therefore important. High‐grade louvres can also improve the visual appearance of the lighting during sports events and reduce glare.

Luminaires in sports halls need to be impact-resistant so they do not break when balls hit them. Compliance with the ball test in DIN 57710 part 13 is recommended. Planar luminaires are a good choice to avoid damage to the luminaires.

Lighting requirements in EN 12464-1

Type of area, task or activity

 Lux-level (Em)

Glare rating (UGRL


 Color rendition

 Specific requirements

Sports halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools





See EN 12193 for training conditions.