Dining areas

Creating the perfect ambience

Restaurants and dining areas on a cruise ship are places where fine dining and joyful celebrations occur in their truest sense. To amplify this experience with all the human senses, the lighting installations in these areas should provide atmospheric lighting that helps transform these locations into cosy, comfortable, relaxing places to eat and socialize with friends and family.

Important factors to consider when choosing lighting solutions for restaurants and dining areas:

  • Low glare.
  • The design of lighting fixtures.
  • Flexibility in setting different lighting scenarios, e.g. dinner, breakfast or post-cleaning process.
  • Colour temperature. A good reference point is the colour temperature of a candle which is 2000 kelvin.  

Anything between 2000k and 3000k is considered within the range for a dining area.    

  • Low maintenance and low power consumption (high energy efficiency).